Resisting armies and the merciless hundreds of years that passed since their establishment, the ancient wonders of England continue to display the same might and power as they did in their first years of life. The Authentic England tour will take you to the medieval world of the Albion, to places that display England’s original personality and charm. 

This astonishing tour will take you to places that offer a unique blend of culture, history and touristic attractions. You’ll leave from the marvelous London and the first stop will be in Guildford, a beautiful city with Saxon roots and a wide array of religious and cultural landmarks. You will also have the chance to see the old capital of England, Winchester. It dates from the prehistoric times and its main trumps are the wonderful cathedral and the castle. The Authentic England tour could not miss the world famous Stonehenge and its impressive archaeological establishment. The tour is also going to include the old market town of Basingstoke and the superb Windsor Castle, one of the most renowned royal residences in England. Its remarkable architecture will take you back in time and, simultaneously, will offer you impressive views over the town of Windsor.

Tour path:

Day 1: London – GuildfordWinchesterStonehenge 

Day 2: Stonehenge – Basingstoke – Windsor Castle – London

Prices starting from £100.

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