Featuring impressive castles and incredible history, the tour will cover an area that was home for many great names such as Henry VII, William the Conqueror or Roman emperors and generals. On top of these great leaders, one is probably the most popular. Even if he has never held an official title, in the hearts of the people, he was always more than a King – he was their savior.  The home of Robin Hood, Nottingham, is the main attraction of this tour as we will visit the lands where the great hero once gave hope and courage to poor people. After that, we will follow the land of the legends to the symbol of England’s Medieval Kings – York.

And as a true royal tour must finish with something great, we will end our itinerary with an area home to 660 historic buildings, a place of eternal might – Shrewsbury. In the pursuit of legends and myths, you will begin with a trip to Leicester and then go to The Belvoir Castle. The landmark dates from the Norman period and throughout the years it has acquired a Gothic castle look. Follow the legend of Robin Hood in Nottingham, continue with a delightful trip to York and a journey to Liverpool that will amaze you with its impressive architectural heritage. Stop in Shrewsbury and listen to the incredible stories told by the locals.

Tour path:

Day 1: London – LeicesterThe Belvoir CastleNottingham 

Day 2: Nottingham – York 

Day 3: York – Liverpool 

Day 4: Liverpool – Shrewsbury – London

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