Seven wonders is the tour that gathers some of the most visited attractions in England, from the prehistorical Stonehenge to gorgeous Winchester and Bath or the most beautiful castle in the world – Leeds.

The true tour of England’s wonders also includes gorgeous places such as Guildford or Oxford, locations considered by some the most beautiful in the world. Displaying incredible works of art both on the outside and on the inside, the places through where the tour will take you to have been carefully selected to really make you feel like you have visited an unreal world of fairy tales.

The beautiful London will be the starting point for this one-of-a-kind tour. The first stop will be at Leeds Castle dating from 1119. It is extremely gorgeous and it represents one of the most significant leisure destinations in the country. It even features a museum of dog collars. From here, you will be taken to an unforgettable journey to major cities like Guildford, Winchester, Bath, Oxford and Windsor and you will also stop by the archaeological marvel of Stonehenge. After you have seen all these wonders, you will return to London with your spirit and mind utterly replenished.

Tour path:

Day 1: London – Leeds Castle – Guildford – Winchester

Day 2: Winchester – Stonehenge – Bath – Oxford

Day 3: Oxford – Windsor – London

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