Surrounded by wonderful hills and parks, located on one side of the River Avon and blessed with one of the most beautiful architectures in Europe, Bath has the unique distinction of being the only town in Britain on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It is also the only place in Britain where there are hot thermal springs, around which the Romans built a magnificent temple and a spa complex which gave the name of the city and which are still fed by natural hot water.

Bath contains one of the most refined Georgian architecture in Britain and about 5,000 buildings are listed for their architectural merits. Royal Street, Circus, Pump Room, Meeting Rooms and Pulteney Bridge are some of the most breathtaking examples of Georgian work.

The hot springs, Georgian architecture and beautiful golden background have attracted crowds to Bath centuries after centuries. A vibrant culture and new developments that complete the background promise to make the historic city of Bath, in the coming years, an international tourist destination even more desired than it is today.