Transfer from Tower Hamlets (E1) to London City Airport

Transfer from Tower Hamlets (E1) to London City Airport

Taxi from Tower Hamlets E1 to London City AirportIf you’re into sports, then you must definitely visit the Mile End Park with its Mile End Stadium. This is an athletics stadium, but it also has facilities for basketball and football. It is home for two football clubs: Sporting Bengal United Football Club and Bethnal Green United Football Club. There is also the Tower Hamlets Football Club, the city’s own football club.

Another occasion to practice various sports and relax is to visit the leisure centre within the Mile End Stadium. It features a swimming pool dating from 2006. You can see other pool in Bethnal Green, St Georges, York Hall and Limehouse. Numerous boxing tournaments are held at the York Hall. It also features a complex of Turkish baths that have been recently renovated and transformed into a public spa.

Mile End Park also features the Green Bridge, dating from 2000. It links the 2 sections in the park and its path is filled with trees, water features and gardens.

Transfer from Southwark (SE1) to Luton Airport

 Transfer from Southwark (SE1) to Luton Airport Berdmondsey Street in Southwark is the place voted as South London’s coolest region in the annual Secret Address Book for its elegance and uniqueness provided by designer studios, distinctive local architecture, local food producers, community squares and owner-managed businesses. It is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in…