Tour from London to Cambridge

Your next stop in this magnificent tour will be Cambridge, a place of great beauty, comprising numerous architectural masterpieces as well amazing sceneries. The town houses one of the most important universities in London, regarded even at least as beautiful as the rivaling Oxford.

A great number of marvelous buildings are hidden within the boundaries of Cambridge such as the Backs or Cambridge’s Botanical Garden which hosts some of the most important botanical collections and over 10,000 species. When you get bored of relaxing in The Backs or of walking in the Botanical Garden you can always stop and visit one of the many museums found in the area of Cambridge.      

The Backs is located behind the colleges, on the shore of the river remind of ancient England and comprise the rear grounds of Magdalene, St.John’s, Trinity, Trinity Hall, Clare, King’s, Queen’s. Historically, much of this land was used by the colleges for grazing livestock or growing fruit but today is a place of walks and relaxation.

 The oldest of this museums is Sedgwick Museum filled with a collection of fossils older than a million years. The museum includes exhibits of minerals and gemstones, the world’s largest spider, rocks collected by Charles Darwin and dinosaurs from Jurassic and late Triassic.

Cambridge houses hundreds of beautiful buildings and museums such as the Fitzwilliam Museum of Antiquities which receives around 300,000 visitors each year. The museum was founded in 1816 and housing the library and art collections of the Fitz William the 6th. Collections include antiquities, illuminated manuscripts, applied arts, and paintings by Constable, Gainsborough and Hogarth.

One distinctive construction in Cambridge is the Mathematical Bridge built in 1749 by James Essex the Young using square head screws. It was rebuilt in the years 1866 and 1905.