Tour from London to Colchester

After our early departure from London, our first stop on our tour will be Colchester, a town of great historical importance, formerly the capital of two important nations. Initially, it has been the most important town of the Celts until it was conquered by Claudius in 43 A.D.          As a result of this conquer, Colchester became the first Roman capital and also Britain’s first-ever town until it was finally entirely burnt by by Boudicca who was in charge of the Iceni tribe. The devastation of the city was a terrible act of looting, ransacking and torching.

You will notice marks of ancient periods everywhere during your tour to  Colchester. A Norman castle, established by William the Conqueror, built at the same time with the Tower of London and pretty much similar in style was once the most imposing buildings of the area. Unfortunately, the castle has not been as lucky as its twin brother as it was mostly destroyed and abandoned. Even under this circumstances, the castle is still worth a visit. Colchester is also home to ancient Saxon and Norman churches, Roman walls, plenty of houses made of timber and also the oldest Victorian water tower in Britain. The buildings in Colchester continue to show bullet-holes and scars from the Civil War.