Voted as the best summer town in England, Eastbourne is a parade of amazing landscapes combined with fine sands spread on beautiful beaches. In a place like England where rain never seems to stop falling, it’s easy to understand why millions of people choose to go to the sunniest place in the UK for a vacation.

There is no better way to describe the beauty of Eastbourne than through the paragraph you will find on the Eastbourne Borough Council Tourist Brochure seems to be the best way to describe such a marvelous town:  “Eastbourne is a stylish and elegant Victorian resort, featuring eight miles of coastline sheltered by national beauty spot downland – a great setting to enjoy a fantastic variety of activities, pursuits and top class events. The classic parade of Victorian hotels overlooks exquisite floral displays along the seafront.”

A top feature during your tour to Eastbourne will be the walk to Beachy Head cliff, an amazing place from where it is said that during sunny days you can see as far as 70 miles away. Arrived at the top of this famous chalk cliffs you will be able to witness stunning views of sea. It is said that on clear sky, the sunsets and sunrises seen from Beachy Head are some of the most spectacular in the world.