The splendid location of Guildford, is one of the many areas that managed to keep their calm Georgian aspect during the course of history. Despite this, hidden between Georgian designs, you will find numerous other ancient constructions, such as Guildhall, which has a 17th century façade designed in a Tudorian style.

Additional structures on the High Street of Guildhall that will certainly catch your eye are The Royal Grammar School, Guildford House and the Abbot’s Hospital. Close to the marvelous High Street we enter another realm, the one of Guildford Castle’s ruins, located in stunning designed gardens. But not even their beauty can be compared to the imposing cathedral on Stag Hill, which is probably the most amazing structure in the city.

Natures beauty also makes its appearance in Guildhall. Silent in its stream, but certainly eye catching is the beautiful River Wey, which flows through the heart of the town. In the past it used to be a commercial route with locks developed circa 1653. These days it is simply utilized by pleasure craft.

The ancient town of Guildford was a place of many palaces and a glorious castles, during medieval times. The imposing buildings that could have once be found here have vanished and almost nothing of the castle can be seen. These days Guildford is a flourishing area with a great number of medieval attractions and its glorious history is displayed through the Georgian aspect of the city that hides even more ancient buildings.