Attractions in Hastings are numerous, and the city is an important tourist destination. The most visited sights in the region are the Castle (part of the chapel is preserved, some basement walls and prisons). Hastings Pier is also one of the top spots that the area has to offer to its visitors. During your tour to Hastings you will also pass through the old town where you will have the opportunity to observe Hastings’s magnificent buildings dating from the Georgian era. One of the most important objectives is the Clock Tower called The Memorial.

The village is famous because of the Battle of Hastings that took place here in 1066, marking the Normand conquest of England. During medieval times it was one of the Cinque Ports and has been regarded as an important fishing port for many centuries. Hastings became a seaside resort soon after the railway network was established in the area.

Somewhere during the Norman Conquest, this area was a successful fishing and trading place. The initial port is burried below today’s town center. The castle and the cliff it stood on, fell into the sea in 1287 when the Great Storm hit the southern coast of England. The harbor was ruined as well. After this catastrophic event the town moved east from its initial grounds.