Tour from London to Ipswich

Apart from the medieval buildings and ancient streets, today’s Ipswich isn’t at all familiar to what once this town was, considering that its general identity has improved significantly in the last years. The current shopping centers together with the rejuvenated Wet Docks – the home of the elegant Suffolk University campus make Ipswich a town desired for vacations. And indeed, this city has all the elements for a wonderful UK holiday getaway in a prospering area.

No matter if, during the tour to Ipswich you will find yourself inside or outside of the town, you will certainly find an excellent selection of attractions and sights that must be visited. Wonder a few minutes from the center of town and you will find Ipswich’s historic Waterfront, a place going through a fascinating rebirth. Long Melford is a great display of one of the numerous ancient attractions close to Ipswich. Many of the 15th century residences made it until today. Furthermore Long Melford provides the lengthiest High Street in the UK, which is almost entirely occupied of classic shops and small café’s. The wonderful Holy Trinity Church, resting on top of the hill looking over Long Melford, has some stained glass windows which live through the Cromwellian damage, and jointly with the ancient almshouses close by a place worth a visit – the Trinity Hospital.

One of the most beautiful attractions in Ipswich is the Old House that has ornamental aspects from the Restoration, with stucco relief displaying pelicans, nymphs and the continents that geographers knew about in that period. Despite the fact that it is now a shop, tourists can enjoy the oak panelling finished around the year of 1603, the roofs and the ceramic tiling and one great diaphragm framework. The house features rococo-inspired wall paintings and artifacts connected to the building.