The wonder called Leeds Castle was built by Robert de Crevecoeur as a Norman stronghold in 1119. Nobody knows how the initial castle looked, as it was rebuilt after centuries but what’s certain is that the present day citadel is a fantastic work of art and truly deserves “the loveliest castle in the world title”.

Surrounded by a beautiful lake where swans bathe all day long, encircled by glorious gardens and built to last for millenniums, Leeds Castle is the perfect place to go on a tour. The castle grounds contain several gardens, a duckery, a maze, an aviary and a unique museum dedicated to the collection of antique dog collars.

The castle was the royal home for six of England’s middle ages queens and a palace of Henry VIII. A great part of the castle was reconditioned and reconstructed in the 19th century, and a lot of the lavishly designed rooms are open to the public.