Founded by the Romans in the Ratae Coritanorum in the year 50, Leicester is one of the oldest towns in England. Historic Roman streets and baths survided in Leicester from its early settlement as Ratae Corieltauvorum, a Roman military outpost in a area populated by the Celtic Corieltauvi tribe. Pursuing the decline of Roman society the early medieval Ratae Corieltauvorum is shadowed by obscurity, but when the settlement was seized by the Danes it became one of five fortified towns essential to the Danelaw.

One of the most ancient buildings in Leicester are the ruins of the Ashby de la Zouch Castle which was built in the 12th century. The citadel can be proud to have an abundant history with popular guests like Henry VII and Mary Queen of Scots, among other people. Here you will climb Hastings Tower a place you can have a great panorama over the entire area and which is also considered one of the best features in the tour of Leicester. You will also have the possibility to also in the subterranean passageway linking the kitchen to the tower; the passage was probably created in the course of the Civil War.

In Leicester you can find unusual shops, distinctive restaurant and a vibrant nightlife. Discover various known brands on the city’s street and and embroidered silk in the shops located on the Golden Mile. The National Space Centre can take you on a trip beyond infinity, while in De Montfort Hall and you will be able listen to amazing music concerts.

Although Leicester provides guests a magnificent historical treat with its surrounding castles, the area is also home to a very contemporary design.