Tour from London to Maidstone

Located on the path of the River Medway which flows straight to its heart, Maidstone remembers of times long passed, where knight rode the lands rules by powerful kings and queens.

Regardless of its great modern expansion, Maidstone managed to save many of its historical heritage keeping its elegant medieval aspect as well as beautiful countryside sceneries of fruit orchards. Maidstone is certainly a place worth discovering.

One of the finest locations in Maidstone is Manor House or Archbishop’s Palace, situated next to the Medway. It has been built in the 14th century, despite the fact that it was substantially transformed by later owners. In its heyday the clergy employed the palace as a place for relaxation in the course of their numerous travels between London and Canterbury.

Rivaling with the beauty of Archbishop’s Palace is the Church of All Saints, constructed around 1395, which has one of the largest naves in England. In the same selection of buildings is the 14th century College of Secular Canons, today known as the Kent Music School. Other middle age structures consist of the 14th century bridge over the Len in Mill Street, and the 15th century Corpus Christi Hall in Earl Street, initially the secret headquarters of a religious guild and afterwards the grammar school.

A tour to Maidstone is in fact an expedition to the past, present and future.