Even if life existed in Margate since Medieval times, the town hasn’t been of real importance in England’s history. Margate developed mostly as a resort offering the world the first sea-water baths and being the first resort to build a Georgian square.

The seaside holiday and the seaside resort are two of the greatest features that England offered to the world so far. Beggining with the 18th century, when some of the richest people became interested in improving their health by bathing in salt water, the beauty of the sea has been an essential aspect of the British lifestyle. Today, after more 200 years since the first people that went on the British beach in the purpose to relax, millions continue to visit to this coast each year.

One of the most important landmarks in Margate is The Royal Sea Bathing Hospital which was opened in 1791, when it was thought that sea baths and sea air were the most effective treatments for tuberculosis.  People that went to Margate to heal were sent from their wards into the sea air. In order to be able to bathe the patients the hospital set up a sea-water reservoir.

A tour to Margate is like a walk on the beach that you never forget.