The next stop on the tour is Norwich, a town that will certainly make your journey perfect. If the amazing designs of Colchester and Ipswich didn’t manage to impress you, Norwich will certainly be a place you will wish to return to.

The town of Norwich is certainly a treasure to be admired for its impressive medieval architecture. This period is primary represented by Norwich cathedral dating from the eleventh century and also by the imposing 12 century castle which is now in use as a museum. Other important tourist attractions include Assembly Rooms (1776), the Octagon Chapel (1756) and St Helen’s House (1752). Apart from these buildings, the city center is entirely a medieval work of art so a stroll through those places will certainly take you back in time. Another magnificent place there is the Norwich market, a very old place, built between the years 1071 – 1074. Today it is the largest open-air market in England.

On the other hand Norwich is home to gorgeous modern structures such as The Forum and The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, great shopping centers, fascinating events and festivities, impressive landscapes, stunning parklands, outstanding arts and culture places and top class restaurants, bars and cafés.

The town of Norwich is a place loaded with history. The entire city appears to be caught in Medieval times with more churches from that period than anywhere in England and ancient designs on every street.