Nottingham is the land of the legendary hero Robin Hood, opponent to the Sheriff of Nottingham. The same as during the time of the legend, the sheriff still holds an important role in modern times. He and the mayor are elected each year.  The tour to Nottingham will take you to the historical sites which include the maze of tunnels located under the city, the mansion that is known as Nottingham Castle Museum and Wollaton Hall, one of the most beautiful Tudor buildings in Britain. Each played its part in the colorful history of the city and county.

The legend of Robin Hood transformed Nottingham City into an excellent attraction and beautiful place to visit. But that’s not the only reason why visitors flock to this place every year. People also come here for the rich culture, architectural beauty, to explore its history, and of course – they come here to shop. Nottingham is also the seventh city in England in terms of population size.

Nottingham’s history is very rich, and you will find points of attraction almost everywhere in the town and also in the surrounding areas like the caves of Nottingham (hiding places for thieves and bandits) and the sanctuaries where religious services were officiated during rough periods. The ruins of Nottingham Castle, founded by William the Conqueror, are another tourist attraction in the town. And, as Nottingham is the place where the legend of Robin Hood was born, a statue of him can be admired near the Old Market Square.