Tour from London to Saffron Walden

Peaceful and quiet, Saffron Walden is the perfect place to relax in. Being very well preserved the town keeps a 16th century aspect and displays wonderful ancient buildings. Most of these ancient houses were built by the Quakers and made it until today untouched by modernism or industrialization. On top of these the remains of a fortress as well as the biggest Parish Church in Essex make Saffron Walden a place even more special.

Not far away from Saffron Walden is Audley End House, an impressive construction that has an amazing Great Hall with a breathtaking seventeenth century screen. The bedrooms hold the mark of Robert Adam, a big variety of stuffed birds, and beautiful eighteenth century furnishings. Audley End House is also home to an amazing rose garden and a stable where a selection of agricultural devices, old wagons and an antique fire lorry can be discovered.

Inside the towns thin roads are stuffed with old, half-timbered properties, and the same as Ipswich, the public custom of pargeting is quite definitely in evidence. As you may possibly assume from its name, the town has developed greatly from the trade of saffron that was collected from the nearby crocus fields.