Counting a number of 660 historic buildings, with an unaltered medieval street plan and displays of timber framing from the 15th and 16th century, Shrewsbury is one of the oldest and most magnificent market towns in England. In some parts of the town you will feel like time has never passed and clocks have never ticked as the town seems like it hasn’t changed at all since the year 800 AD when it has been founded.

The historic town centre still retains its medieval street pattern and many narrow streets and passages. A great number of specialist shops, traditional pubs and local restaurants can be located in the hidden corners, squares and lanes of Shrewsbury. Numerous street names have also stayed unchanged in centuries and there are some more unusual names, such as Shoplatch, Dogpole, Longden Coleham, Mardol, Frankwell, Roushill,  Gullet Passage, Grope Lane, Murivance, Portobello, The Dana,  Bear Steps,  Bellstone and Butcher Row.