Close to Guildford we find Winchester, one of the most important places in the history of England. It is the ancient capital of the realm, an area uncovers Britain’s past in it’s true form. Once arrived in Winchester you will be able to tour through the abundancy of historical buildings, monuments and museums.

Among these you will find the world famous Winchester Cathedral, built in 1079, renown for its amazing architecture and hidden treasures. The cathedral contains the Winchester Bible and also features the longest Gothic nave in the world.

The second most important place worth visiting is one of the most legendary places in the world, and the only thing left from the Winchester Castle, King Arthur’s Round Table found in Winchester Great Hall.

Also referred to as the ancient Camelot, Winchester holds a great spot in England’s history and also displays the true identity of an ancient Saxon town. Abundantly wealthy in history and culture, a journey to Winchester will take you a step back in time, as the town is very well preserved and retained many of its ancient traditions. Your trip may also include paying your respects at the graves of some of England’s greatest Kings and Queens, Bishops, Saints and literary giants such as Jane Austen.

Winchester has been a continuous settlement for over 2,000 years and started its life as a Celtic fort.