Holding a name as powerful as the greatly fortified castle in houses, Windsor is one of the most visited towns in England. As you might have expected, the Windsor Castle is the most visited attraction in the city, as it is the world’s biggest inhabited castle in the world. The amazing citadel is available for visits and exhibits some outstanding paintings from the royal collection. A special place of the castle is the Round Tower, re-opened in 2011 after 40 years. The tower offers unbelievable views, sometimes even as far as London but, in order to get to the top of it you will be challenged by a 200 stairs climb. At the end of the stairs you’ll be greatly rewarded with fascinating landscapes from a height of 65 meters above River Thames.

The tour through Windsor will also take you to Windsor Great Park which is located close to the castle, and is home to the Valley Gardens and the Savill Gardens, which are a group of magnificently maintained gardens.

A third place of great interest at Windsor and which you will visit during your tour is the Parish Church – a cathedral which houses wonderful works of art like the Last Supper, which is a must-see. Also, the architecture of the place is truly wonderful and also a perfect display of the British architectural style.