The city of York played a great role in the history of England and has provided the backdrop to major political events throughout much of its two millennia of existence. Established by the Romans in 71 AD under the name of Eboracum, York is extremely rich in historical attractions, divine architectural exhibits and superb sceneries. The site of the Roman fortress lies under the foundations of York Minster, and excavations in the Minster’s undercroft have revealed some of the original walls.

Among the treasures you will find in York, one of them will be the world famous cathedral, York Minster, a masterpiece in stained glass and stone, with vast lively carved spaces or quiet corners that tell mysterious stories.

The City of York is also home to the symbol of power of England’s Medieval Kings. Built by William the Conqueror, Clifford’s Tower stands firm on the top of a hill offering amazing views over the surrounding countryside.

Beside the two landmarks York invites you to two different towns: Jorvig Viking Center and York Market Museum where you can discover over 40,000 artifacts displayed in a recreated Viking city. Jorving is a reconstruction after a Viking city that existed 1,000 years ago. The reconstruction was possible thanks to the amazing discoveries of modern archaeology. On the other hand York Castle Museum is considered to be one of Europe’s top museums and displays the wonderful world of a Victorian town.