Royal London I

Royal London (Part 1) Ever since people started to be aware that in order to survive they have to stay together and to help each other, they grouped themselves based on family, interest and location. Between them, there was always a person that stood out, a chief, a ruler, a king. The tribal kingship was…

Spiritual London

Religious Attractions in London Visiting London can be sometimes a very difficult task, as there are so many beautiful, historically rich places to be seen. We thought about helping you and recommend some of the most interesting sacred attractions. There are plenty of churches, cathedrals and temples, as the capital city of the United Kingdom…

Cultural London

London – a culturally vibrant city London is one of the most visited cities in the world, due to its rich means of entertaining. People can visit museums, see plays, go to concerts and shopping. It is a wide range of possibilities for every taste and every age. This helps the economy of the United…

Historical London

Historical Places in London Being regarded as one of the world’s “global cities”, the British Metropolis is a beautiful, lively and a multicultural European city, with clear evidence of the remains of the British Empire. Forget about the clichés you heard about the “British weather”, the fog or even the eccentricity of British People. London…


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Technology Partners

Looking for a Taxi Dispatch System ?

Need also a Booking and/or a Dispatching system? One possible solution for you may be S2C (The Smart 2 Car Dispatch System) designed by InsoftDEV – a company which deals with customized software development, specialized in designing web applications through the use of the latest PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Symfony, Node.JS, HTML5 and Amazon Cloud technologies.

If you don’t have a site yet, they can build it from scratch and promote your business.

Their work, as well as their contact details, can be found on the official website:

Product in use description : 

The Smart2Car is one of the most complex taxi booking systems available, offering a multitude of options some of which are presented below:

•  A taxi management and booking system which is fully customizable;
•  Two separate interfaces for the operators and the clients who make bookings;
•  A mobile application for quick reservations on mobile browsers;
 E-mail or SMS notifications for clients and drivers;
•  An online environment (no installation required);
•  Driver tracking, in order to stay up to date with their position at all times;
•  Real time flight tracking;
•  Integration with Facebook and Google + and many other features.


To view a full presentation, as well as additional information regarding the Smart2Car Dispatch System, you can check out the application website: Taxi-Dispatch-System , Smart 2 Car

©  This advert is in courtesy of INSOFTDEV

Office Team

Office Team Our dedicated team of operators is here for you 24/7, ready to answer your needs and enquiries, trying to do an exemplary job each time a customer requests their help. You can be sure that once you contact us, our friendly and well-trained operators will do their best to answer you immediately and…

Our Drivers

Our Taxi Drivers On the airport and in the street, our drivers will be easy to spot and you will definitely recognize them for their elegant outfit and their clean, shining cars. Even if all of them are licensed by the PCO (Public Carriage Office), which is one of the greatest certifications a London taxi…